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Which bird can go with a cockatiel?

You are wondering which bird can I put with a cockatiel? And is it a good idea to put another bird with cockatiels? I will elaborate on this topic in this blog post.

Cockatiels can be housed with other small birds, including bourke parakeets, turquoise parrots, and red-crowned parakeets. However, housing cockatiels with other bird species should be done with care and more aggressive birds should be avoided. The safest housing partner is another cockatiel.

Why a bird with a cockatiel?

Like all parakeets, a cockatiel is a social animal and real group animals. He doesn’t like to sit alone.

Therefore, having a playmate with your cockatiel can help him not feel alone. With more than one bird, your cockatiel can also learn to use its skills with other birds.

There is also less chance of behavioral problems that arise from boredom, such as feather plucking.

The advantage for the owner is that you do not have to be busy with your cockatiel all the time. And it is a pleasure to watch how birds are social with each other.

What to watch out for

Just as all humans do not get along, there are birds whose character clashes. After putting birds together you should always keep an eye on them to see that they are not fighting.

But it can also be that one bird is dominant over the other, and that the dominant bird guards access to the food.

An additional point to pay attention to is when the bird enters breeding mood. A bird in breeding mood changes character. Usually, they become territorial and will not tolerate other birds around. Cockatiels are an exception, but the birds you have are not.

Which birds can join?

The cockatiel is a bird that is not dominant at all. You could place it yourself with many smaller birds such as canaries or zebra finches.

But when putting together, always pay attention to the character of the individual. Just like with people, some characters clash with each other.

To help you on your way, I have made a list below with birds that can go with a cockatiel.

1. Cockatiels

The best choice is of course a companion. They speak the same language and eat the same food.

I understand that you sometimes want to admire a different color in your aviary. Fortunately, there are several mutations (colors) in the cockatiel . If you say you want a completely different bird, then read on.

2. Bourkes

bourke parakeet

Bourkes are other Australian birds that are perfect for living with cockatiels in an aviary or cage . They are slightly smaller and come in shades of pink, blue, brown and black.

3. Splendid

splendid parquet

Just like the Bourke, the splendid is an Australian parakeet, it belongs to the same family, namely Neophema. They are very colorful, especially the males.

4. Turquoise parrot

Turquoisine parakeet

Like the Bourke and Splendid, the splendid is an Australian parakeet. It also belongs to the same bird family, namely Neophema.

Like the cockatiel, it is a calm bird.

5. Red Crowned parakeet


The red crowned parakeet is probably the most popular parakeet species in Belgium and the Netherlands after the cockatiel and the budgerigar.

They are more active than a cockatiel, but are just as gentle and sweet as a cockatiel.

A red crowned parakeet is about the same size as a cockatiel, which makes them ideal companions.

6. Budgerigar


The budgerigar is, together with the cockatiel, the most popular parakeet species.

You can put them together as long as you don’t breed the birds. A budgerigar in breeding mood is far too aggressive for a cockatiel.

Although I have to say that I personally tried it, and in 5 years together had only had 1 incident.

7. Canary


You might not think so, but it is possible to keep canaries with cockatiels. You can only try this in a spacious aviary so that the birds can avoid each other if necessary.

They will have little affection for each other, but canaries and cockatiels can live together perfectly in an aviary.

8. Zebra Finch

Like the cockatiel, the zebra finch comes from Australia. The main difference is that the zebra finch is a finch-like and the cockatiel is a parakeet-like.

You may wonder if a small 11 cm zebra finch can do that with a 34 cm cockatiel? Yes, that usually works if you put them in a spacious aviary.

The zebra finch might build its nest in or on the large parakeets nesting block.



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