Can Cats and Parrots Live Together?

Cats are natural predators, and birds are natural prey for them, therefore living with these two types of pets can be difficult. Outdoor cats, as well as house cats, will stalk and pounce on birds, as represented in cartoons. So, if cats are the predators and birds are their prey, it stands to reason that cats will target parrots instinctively.

Is this, however, always the case? Can cats and parrots live together in other situations?

Yes, to both of these questions. Cats and parrots may coexist, but they shouldn’t be left alone since it’s a cat’s instinct to attack a bird, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to erase that instinct. Allowing your parrot and cat to roam freely at the same time is not a good idea. Keep an eye on everything, train the cat to keep away from the bird cage, and get a big parrot.

Keep reading since this article will educate you on the issue.

Can cats and parrots live together?

Many people maintain parrots and cats together, yet no attacks, injuries, or undue stress have been reported. This tranquil setting, on the other hand, does not occur normally.

Making cats and parrots coexist is a tricky balance. This is because cats are natural hunters who prey on birds. It’s impossible to entirely break a cat of this behavior. When a cat tries to approach the bird cage, admonish it. When a parrot is out of its cage and within reach, however, you can never trust a cat to behave peacefully. This is especially true if the cat is left alone.  

Can cats attack parrots?

Cats have been known to assault parrots. When your cat upsets you or disobeys your training, it usually isn’t on purpose. Yes, if your cat gets a hold of your parrot, it could cause serious harm.

In reality, a cat doesn’t have to do much to harm a bird. A cat’s nails are razor-sharp, and they can easily injure itself or cause other damage, like pulling out its feathers, which it requires for warmth, flight, and balance. In extreme situations, your cat may be able to kill your parrot.

Are parrots capable of attacking cats?

Even though a cat is far more deadly to a bird than a bird is to a cat, a larger bird can nevertheless cause damage to an unwary cat. Large parrots have powerful beaks and claws that can cause serious damage to whatever they grab. They can catch and bite a cat, particularly if the cat is afraid and not attempting to fight the bird. This is particularly common in shy or curious cats, as well as terrified parrots acting defensively.

What is the best way for my cat and parrot to get along?

Cats and birds don’t always get along, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live together. You can keep a bird and a cat in the same house as long as you follow the necessary safety precautions. This is impossible to achieve without taking specific safeguards.

 If your bird is in a cage, you should never keep your cat and your bird in the same room. Whether or not your bird is secured, cats like stalking their prey. Parrots, as birds, understand what stalker behavior entails. Even if you know your bird is safe in its cage, the bird may not be aware of it. With no ability to flee, having your cat in the same room as them can give your parrot a lot of unnecessary worries.

Slowly exposing your cat and bird to one another is also a good method to get them used to each other’s presence. They’ll get increasingly immune to each other’s presence the more they see each other. Allow your cat and caged bird to see one other from a safe distance at first. You can progressively reduce the distance between them after they both appear relaxed and unconcerned. However, keep in mind that this must be done with extreme caution.

Even in the absence of your bird, the cat should not be allowed to spend time in the aviary or cage. You don’t want your cat to regard these locations as its personal space or to acquire any sense of ownership or territorial rights.


Even if they have coexisted for years, a cat’s instincts might take over at any time and cause them to attack. While you can introduce and train your cat and parrot to live together, you should never leave them alone in the same room. Make sure your parrot has a safe place to go when you’re not around, or when they’re feeling threatened or terrified.

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