How Much Are African Grey Parrots?

With the temperament of a two-year-old and the intellectual ability of a five-year-old, these African Grey Parrots have found their way into our homes due to their warm and affectionate nature. Having originated from Central Africa and with a life span of 50-70 years, these parrots are the world’s most intelligent birds.

This article explores how much are African Grey Parrots both in the USA and UK, factors that determine how much the African Greys will sell at, the different subspecies and their distinguishing features, which factors you should put into consideration before purchasing your own African Grey Parrot, and what you should feed them.

The cost of an African Grey Parrot

Buying this exotic bird usually ranges between $1,000-$4,000 in the USA and £876 in the Uk. However, the price of these extraordinary birds varies depending on the factors below.


The estimated cost for a young African grey parrot is $400-$3500 in the USA, whereas, in the UK, the price ranges from £1000-£1,950. Therefore, a younger African Grey is more costly than an older one.


The genetic composition of an African Grey plays a significant role in determining the amount of money it will cost. A pure breed goes at a much higher cost than a crossbreed.

The estimated cost of these subspecies is

  • The Timneh African grey-$2,000- $3,500
  • The Congo African Grey-$1,500-$2,000

It will cost you an estimate of £15- £20 in the UK and $25-$40 in the USA for DNA testing.

Geographical location

If you purchase your African grey parrot in its native country, it will cost you less than when you purchase it in regions that it has been imported to, like in the USA.

Facts about the two African Grey Parrots

The Timneh African Grey and the Congo African Grey parrot are the two subspecies, each having its unique features.

The Congo African Grey

Being a native to the equatorial of Congo, it’s much bigger than its cousin, with most of these subspecies measuring an average of 14 inches long. It is usually grey in color and has a solid black beak, and its tail feathers possess a bright red coloration.

It starts talking or mimicking sounds at around one year of age. The Congo African grey most often is friendly to one person, usually the caregiver.

The Timneh African Grey parrot

Native to the coastal areas of West Africa, this parrot is smaller in stature when compared to its cousin, with a measurement of 10 inches long. It is dark grey, with its beak being pink in color and its tail feathers possessing a maroon shade.

It’s a bit friendlier than the Congo African grey, and it starts talking or imitating people and sounds at around 6 months of age.

Factors to consider before purchasing an African Grey Parrot

The pet store

Ensure you purchase your avian pet from a reputable pet store or breeder.


Rearing these breeds will require most of your time since when they are bored, especially the Congo African Grey, it causes tantrums by screaming and plucking off its feathers.


If you are a novice bird owner, you should purchase a Timneh African Grey as it is easier to rear and adapt quickly to a new environment than the other African Grey breeds.


It will cost you an estimated $40-$70 monthly to feed your African grey a balanced diet. Remember, these parrots are susceptible to obesity and vitamin deficiencies, so providing them with a balanced diet is paramount.

Types of food African greys feed on

  • Seeds-peanuts and sunflowers seeds are the most preferred
  • Colored red, orange, and yellow vegetables -carrots, red cabbages, winter and summer squash
  • You should provide clean and fresh water for your African Greys daily

Key takeaway

It is recommended that you purchase a chick that has been hand-raised for a more effortless bird rearing experience, especially if you are a bird novice. In addition, providing your bird with a balanced diet is cardinal to its survival.

Remember never to feed your parrot Avocado as it is toxic to birds and may cause fatality when consumed. Instead, ensure that you take your avian pet for regular checkups to a vet conversant with birds for a healthy African Grey parrot.

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