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Top 12 best parrot species as pets

Did you know that a parrot has long been the most popular pet. A captain was often accompanied by a parrot on his shoulder. Still, the parrot is less popular today, probably because there is simply more choice in pets. There is of course also a lot of difference between the parrot species, and one is slightly better as a pet than the other. Finally, below you will find my top 10 list.

12. Monk parakeet or mouse parakeet or Quaker

This 27-30 cm South American parakeet is a well suited living room bird. He is also a social bird that can easily be kept together with other congeners. Especially the hand-reared mouse parakeets can attach themselves hard to people, so you have a nice living room birdie. With a little patience, they can learn to talk on their own, although he may also be noisy. They are very active in and out of their cage. So conclusion is a nice bird.

Monk parakeet
Monk parakeet

11. Pionus

The pionus is a family of birds that includes the pionus mentruus or black-eared parrot. The average size of a pionus is 25-35 cm and they can live up to 30-40 years old. The pionus is usually calmer than, for example, an Amazon parrot. And also the gnawing is less than most parrots. Watch out with other birds, because a pionus can sometimes be aggressive towards other birds.

Pionus menstruus
Pionus menstruus

10. Lovebird

The lovebird comes in different types. One of the families is the lovebird, which is then divided into different species. You have a lovebird rosei collie or lovebirds personata. These are all African lovebirds. But you also have South American lovebirds, the forpus family. Both are well suited to keep.

Agapronis personata
Agapornis Personata

9. Macaws

Macaws are the largest parrots. But because of their size, they are not always suitable as a living room bird. Everyone does not always have the space for a large cage. Do you have that place then a macaw might be a bird for you. Do not forget that macaws have a very strong bite force and their sound can also be loud.

Blue and yellow macaws
Blue and yellow macaws

8. Cockatoo

Which woman doesn’t fall for the pink cockatoo. The rosé cockatoo has a beautiful appearance. With mainly its pink color with light gray wings this is a beautiful animal. But there are also other types of cockatoos should you be interested.

Rose kaketoe

7. Eclectus parrot

In eclectus parrots you can easily see the difference between a male and a female. A female is more brightly colored than the male. Females have a mainly purple-red color while males are green. This makes it easy to put together a couple. There are several subspecies in the eclectus parrot, so pay attention when mating.

Noble parrots couple

6. Aratinga’s and Others conures

This parrot species resembles a large parakeet. They have long tails and very strong beaks. This parrot breed can be found in different colors.

Sun Conures
By Eric de Redigheid from Utrecht, Netherlands (Sun Parakeet) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Caique’s

Caïques are real clowns. With their beautiful colors also a feast for the eyes. They also lose few feathers, so that the living room is not continuously full of feathers.

Parents and young black-headed caique
Parents and young black-headed caique


The parakeet is also known as ‘Budgie’ or ‘budgerigar’. These species of parrots are small and colorful. It is one of the most popular parrot breeds to keep as pets. This is mainly because they are generally not aggressive.

Aviary budgerigars
Aviary budgerigars, and some Catharina parakeets

3. Senegal parrot

Senegal parrots are one of the most commonly kept parrots in captivity. They are neither too big nor too small, and make relatively little noise compared to parrots of the same size. Apparently are hand reared birds very affectionate. But that is not visible in nature birds, they are quite shy.

Pied farmer or senegal parrot
Pied farmer or senegal parrot

2. Amazon Parrot

The Amazon parrots are a group of birds that come from the Amazon parrot. Amazons are very good talkers, probably the best after the African Gray. A yellow-crowned Amazon is a very good example of a talker. A African Gray dares to hold back if there are strange people around, but a yellow-crowned Amazon is less shy in that respect.

yellow-crowned amazons
Yellow-crowned Amazons

1. African Gray

The most common parrot is probably the African Gray. Although there are many African grays that have to be sold as soon as they are put on cites list A on 1 January 2018. Unfortunately, they are then sold to Eastern European countries or to the third world, where they are less strict with regard to CITES.

The African Gray is often described as the best talker with the largest vocabulary. Although an African grey is by nature a more shy bird than an Amazon. The African grey exists in 2 subspecies, a Congo African grey and a timneh African grey.

Congo redstart
Congo African grey

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