Do Cockatiels Need a Companion?

A cockatiel is a parrot-like bird from the cockatoo species mostly known for their head crest that is believed to be used by the birds for establishing communication. It is the only bird from the cockatoo species that are easy to tame in confined spaces and make it easy to keep as pets. Many people have cockatiels as pets and may have questions on how to keep them as comfortable as possible. Do you have a cockatiel and would like to know whether you should get it a companion? This article answers the question of whether the cockatiel needs a companion, and if yes, what type of companionship?

Do Cockatiels Need a Companion

Our lives change very fast, and we get a lot busier every day with school, work, family, or other activities. You probably have more work right now than you did a year ago. And having more jobs or activities means you have to be out of the house more often. If you have a cockatiel, you are probably wondering whether you should get your pet a companion. So, the answer is yes, the cockatiel needs a companion.

In the wild, the cockatiels enjoy the companionship of each other. They are said to live in groups of ten to a hundred birds dwelling together, mating and looking for food. The cockatiel is, therefore, a social bird that requires companionship.

What kind of companion does the cockatiel need?

We agree that the cockatiel, just like human beings and other animals, needs companionship. But what type of companionship does your cockatiel need?

Human Companionship

You got yourself a cockatiel for a pet because you need companionship. Well, guess what? The bird needs that too. Cockatiels require human companionship and social birds, and they are more likely to bond with humans faster than any other bird. It is therefore likely to get along with your large family or friends. But it is important to note that cockatiel pet is going to need your companionship. It would be best if you, therefore, took some of your time during your day to check on your pet

Another bird

If you’re very busy most of the time, you might find significantly less time to spend with your cockatiel, and it may have some negative effects on them. The effects may be noticed through weight loss, constant screaming, or plucking of feathers. So, I would advise that you get your pet another bird to spend time with. You should also note that it is not guaranteed the cockatiel will like the new companion, and it is essential to keep the two birds in separate cages to give them space. Even if it is another cockatiel of the opposite sex, you should have in mind that the cockatiel by nature chooses its own mate and therefore may not get along with the choice you make for them. The cockatiel should be kept in a spacious cage where it is free to move around and enjoy its little environment.

How much companionship should you give your cockatiel?

The cockatiel needs companionship every time. Whether during the day or night, the birds need to know that it is not alone. In its natural habitat, the wild, the bird is fond of flocking with others of its kind, and to be alone in this setting means to be alone. Even during sleep, the bird needs a companion. The bird has been said to experience night fright which may be severe to the point of causing death. So, you should pay very close attention to your pet. If you’re not around, make sure your family or friends check on them.

How to Spend time with your Cockatiel

Make Conversation

While your cockatiel may not talk like a human being, it is capable of communication. It is quite a social bird, and your little friend can imitate sounds such as whistling. It would help if you went up to its cage and whistle often. Try different sounds to see whether they can imitate. For example, you can try whistling in steps and pausing to let the bird try the sound. Try this for about ten minutes every day to see how your bird catches up. This helps to establish a connection and, of course, make both of you happier for the day.

Go for a Walk

Your pet may appreciate its “me time” in the cage, but that does not mean it should spend all its time locked up in its little home. It should also enjoy some time in nature. So, you can let the bird hop on your shoulder or hand and take a walk in the park. You can also let it free to hop about in the house as you do your chores, or maybe play with the kids around the house as long as you watch them not to get hurt or injure the bird.

Hand Training

A cockatiel’s natural behavior is to rest on perches. You can train your pet to rest on your hands as well so you can spend more time together. This can be done as early as when the bird is around eight to twelve weeks old. You should, however, note that the process requires patience, and it should be done gradually. First, get the bird to get used to your company, so it is comfortable to hop on your fingers. It is advisable that one person this so that the bird establishes a connection with that person. And I’m assuming the cockatiel is your pet, so you should do this yourself. Be patient with your pet and do this for as long as it takes.


A cockatiel needs companionship, whether it is a human company or the company of another bird. It is a social bird that requires round-the-clock companionship. This article presents the information that I felt like you should know about cockatiels and companionship if you have or are planning to get one. It is best if you try to spend as much time with your pet as possible. They need companionship.

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