How big does a Japanese quail grow

Have you ever wondered how big a Japanese quail can get? You may be surprised to learn that these small birds can reach impressive sizes, with some reaching up to 25 cm in length and weighing up to 350 grams. The average size of a mature adult is usually about 15-18 centimeters long, with the female being slightly larger than the male. Moreover, they have an average lifespan of 3-5 years and are known for their beautiful plumage that ranges from gray or brown to white or even black. So if you are looking for an exotic bird that brings lots of color and personality to your home, consider a Japanese quail!

So, how big does a Japanese quail get?

Japanese quail are small birds with impressive wingspans! At up to 33 cm in diameter, their wings give them the agility and speed to escape predators in the wild. They are 14-16 cm high, 7-8 cm wide and weigh 100-160 grams. All this adds up to a maximum length of 18 cm – making these quails particularly small but mighty creatures.

How large will a Jumbo Japanese quail grow?

Japanese quail, or Coturnix japonica, are gaining importance as livestock rearing due to their efficient conversion of high quality feed and eggs with relatively low input of resources. A single adult jumbo Japanese quail can grow up to 25 cm long and weigh about 250-350 grams, with an impressive width of 9-10 cm and a height of 18-20 cm.

Jumbo and common quail(Source)

How large will a Celadon Quail grow?

Celadon Japanese quail, known for their bluish-colored eggs, are a sight to behold! Although they are rare in the wild, it is easy to see why breeders are fascinated by these beautiful birds. They can grow up to 22 cm long and 8-9 cm wide with a height of 16-18 cm; moreover, they can weigh 200-300 grams! Celadon Japanese quail bring such beauty and characteristics that it is no wonder that breeding these birds is considered an honorable task by many.

Other types of quail

There are many different species of quail, each with its own unique characteristics and features. Most grow up to 18 cm in length, but some smaller species such as the Chinese dwarf quail can only reach 12-14 cm in length. On the other hand, larger species such as the Tree Quail that measure about 24-28 cm can.

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