Top 8 essentials for a tame parrot or parakeet

You plan to bring a tame bird into your home. But you haven’t bought anything yet, in this article we will go over the necessities. It is best to buy as much stuff as possible in advance, so you save a lot of stress for the bird. It goes without saying that the bird must have its habitat ready.

1. Cage or aviary

Every bird needs a cage or aviary, so don’t buy a bird without having a cage. A cage must be adapted to the type of bird you want to put in it. There must be enough room for the bird to move, play, eat, sleep, etc. It is better to make a cage too big than too small. If you have doubts about the size of the cage, go for a size larger than planned. Everything also depends on whether the bird is allowed to leave its cage a lot or a little

Cages for small parakeets

By small parakeets I mean everything between a budgerigar and cockatiel. Below are some examples.

Cages for large parakeets or small parrots

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Below are some examples of cages for parakeets such as ring-necked parakeet, king parakeet, black-headed caiques , senegal parrots, or similar sized bird.

Cages for parrots

For birds such as African Gray, Amazons, Eclectus

Cages for large parrots or macaws

For large cockatoos and large macaw species.

2. Nutrition

Every bird needs to eat, but not all of the same food. As a base a good seed mixture, supplemented with vegetables and fruit, grit and water. You can get fruit and vegetables from the supermarket, water comes from the tap. Below is a seed mixture per bird species.

If your bird is somewhere in between, it is best to mix the two feedings.

Besides a seed mixture there are also pellets. This should be a complete food for the birds, although it is best to add at least 10-20% other food so that the glandular stomach does not stop. This can be done, for example, by only giving seed 1-2 days a week.

You can find pellets in your pet store or online.

3. Diet supplements

Nutrition supplements are less important than nutrition. This includes: food such as snacks, vitamins, …



Calcium perch:

4. Toys

Every bird needs a distraction, playing is a very good distraction to avoid boredom.

5. Play tree

A play tree is a construction where the bird can play when it is out of its cage. It is important that there are enough toys. You can make your own or buy a ready-made solution like below:

6. Storage place

Only boxes for storing food, toys, … certainly won’t hurt. Below are some examples:

7. Transport cage

Your bird will need to be transported. And not only when purchasing, but also when visiting the vet. Or who knows, you might not take your bird with you on a driving holiday.

8. Harness

The harness is a kind of leash for the bird with which it is possible to take your bird for a walk. A harness only serves as protection that the bird cannot fly. So it is not the intention that you let the bird fly up. Unless the distance is not too far so that the rope is not tensioned.

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