Which chicken breeds lay the best tasting eggs?

You wonder which chicken breed lays the tastiest eggs? I have been keeping and breeding chickens for years and I know perfectly how to create a tasty chicken egg.

The breed of chicken that lays the tastiest eggs is a breed that is good at foraging. The taste of eggs is mainly determined by the percentage of plants and insects the chicken eats. Good chicken breeds include Poule de Bresse, Australorp, Rhode Island red

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Which breed should you choose for tasty eggs?

The taste of a chicken egg really depends on how much the chicken has foraged. This means the more the chicken has been able to collect its own food, the tastier its eggs will be.

A chicken loves nothing more than to look for insects. These insects provide a lot of animal proteins and other vitamins, which increases the quality of the eggs.

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But lots of vegetables, fruit and weeds also improve egg quality. Do not throw your kitchen waste in the waste bin, but do the chickens a favor and feed it to them. You are also doing yourself a favor by eating their tasty eggs.

Below are only breeds that are good at foraging.

Poule de Bresse

The poule de Bresse is a French delicacy variety. In order to be allowed to sell chickens as a Poule de Bresse, each chicken must have at least 10 m² of meadow. This is 2.5 times more space than a free-range chicken. As a result, they have learned to forage better.

Rhode Island red

The Rhode Island Red is a barnyard and backyard classic. Easily the most popular American chicken and the most famous domesticated chicken around the world, the Rhode Island Red is probably the best egg-layer on this list

Rhode Island save them


The Welsummer is not only good at foraging, she can also withstand the cold. That makes them ideal chickens for colder places on the globe.


Many Australorp owners swear they are the best breed of chickens. They are good layers, love foraging. Their weight even allows you to slaughter them for meat production.

What is a tasty chicken egg?

Everyone has a different taste preference, but what you can be sure of is that a fresh egg from your own chickens is so much better than a supermarket egg.

To me, a tasty egg is one that tastes strongly of egg. She must have a dark yellow yolk. The egg yolk is creamy in taste and structure. The egg white should not be too watery, firm and not runny.

What is good food for a chicken?

A good chicken diet consists of variety. You can give a grain mixture as a basis, but this must always be supplemented.

For example, one of the additions can be dried insects that you can give as a treat for your chickens. But make sure your coop is big enough for them to search for live insects.

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Another advantage of a large chicken coop is that there is a chance that plants and weeds will grow. You will be able to enjoy this. If you don’t have any greenery in your chicken coop, you can always pull weeds in the garden and throw it into the chicken coop.

Kitchen scraps can also go into the chicken coop and they will love it. Make sure that the chickens eat it within the day otherwise you could attract rats.

What determines the taste of chicken eggs?

The taste of a chicken egg is largely determined by the variation in quality of feed for the chickens.

The more variety the chicken has in her diet, the tastier her eggs will be.

Why home-grown eggs are tasty?

The difference between the eggs from the supermarket and those from our own chickens is huge. The chickens of the supermarket farmer have little or no space to forage. And that while foraging is the main cause for tasty eggs.

Free range chickens

Even free-range chickens only have 4m² outside space per chicken on the farm. Plus an interior space of 9 chickens per square meter. This is already reasonable, but they certainly won’t get any kitchen scraps or weeds.

The chickens also have to pay off at the farmer and they are discarded far too quickly. Chickens lay fewer eggs after their first year, but older chickens have learned to forage better. This gives older chickens more variety in their diet.


The chicken breed is not everything that determines the taste of the eggs. The main causes of a tasty chicken egg are:

  • Variation in diet: The more chickens forage, the more variety they have
  • Age of the chicken: Older chickens usually forage better
  • Breed of chickens: Some breeds of chickens are naturally better at foraging for their own food.

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